'Tiger Tim' in Playbox (9 December 1939).

Bert Wymer was an early 20th-century British comic artist, mostly associated with the children's magazines of the Amalgamated Press. He was the third artist to continue Julius Stafford Baker II's popular comic strip 'Tiger Tim', and did so between 1933 and the 1950s.

Early life and career
Bertram Osborn Wymer was born in 1891 in Barnsbury in the London Burough of Islington, as the son of lithographic designer Henry Osborn Wymer. As a child he suffered from rheumatic fever, which caused him to be home-schooled. He studied at Dalmeney Art School and the Slade School of Art. Around 1913 he became a staff artist for the publishing company Amalgamated Press. For their magazine Chuckles he created the comic strip 'Uncle Paul Fry' (1921). In Comic Life readers could enjoy his 'Molly and Polly' (1922), while his 'Robin Goodfellow' (1936) appeared in Puck.

Tuffy our Puppy, by Bert Wymer 1941
'Tiger Tim', from Rainbow #1290 (5 November 1938).

Tiger Tim
Wymer served as a fill-in artist on 'Tiger Tim and the Bruin Boys' for Herbert Sydney Foxwell, who in 1914 had succeeded creator Julius Stafford Baker II. When Foxwell moved to the Daily Mail in 1933, Wymer took over 'Tiger Tim' completely in Tiger Tim's Weekly, Rainbow, Playbox and the annuals. Wymer also continued 'The Dolliwogs', another series by Foxwell in Rainbow.  He possibly also drew 'Tuffy Our Puppy' in Playbox in 1941, although that feature was actually created by Arnold Warden from 1939 to 1955.

Apart from comics Wymer was also an accomplished amateur archaeologist. He, his wife Lea and son John often took trips digging up fossils along the banks of the Thames. Among their most valuable discoveries was the skull of a 200.000 year old young woman in Swansome. The Wymer family also found evidence that the early Englishmen possessed fire.

Final years and death
Bertrand Wymer retired in the 1950s, leaving the 'Tiger Tim' comic to Julius Stafford Baker III, the son of the strip's original creator. He passed away in 1959.

The AP staff around 1938. Bert Wymer is sitting on the far left with pipe.

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