Tibor, by Hansrudi Wäscher

Hansrudi Wäscher grew up in the Italian part of Switzerland. He was impressed by comic books like 'Tarzan', 'Mandrake' and 'Flash Gordon'. After high school he studied graphic design. Wäscher entered the comic book field in 1953, with 'Sigurd'. After that, he drew, translated and wrote over 1,500 mini-sized comic books, published all over Europe.

Falk, by Hansrudi Wäscher

The tiny publications were called the "piccolo" series in Italy and Germany and the "liliput" series in Holland. There is also another, "Liliput"-like type of comics, called "Kolibri". Wäscher's Kolibris were 'Joerg' and 'Gert'. Most of Wäscher`s famous comics started as piccolos by Lehning Verlag: 'Sigurd', 'Akim' (Wäscher was told by Lehning to steal the figure of Akim from Pedrazza), 'Sigurd', 'Nick', 'Tibor' and 'Falk'.

Nick by Hansrudi Wascher

Hansrudi Wäscher began his first own series 'Nizar' and 'Ulf' in 1968. In 1969, he started working on the 'Buffalo Bill' comic book of Bastei Verlag. Wäscher mostly worked on jungle tales ('Tibor' and 'Nizar') and adventures involving knights ('Sigurd', 'Falk' and 'Ulf'). Most of his work was published by Hethke Verlag.

Terry Stars, by Hansrudi Wascher

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