Comme une Rivière, by Pierre Wazem
'Comme une Rivière'.

Pierre Wazem is a comic author from Geneva, Switzerland. He took courses from the Geneva School of Decorative Arts and is an illustrator for Emploi & Formation, the supplement of newspaper Le Temps, as well as Campus, a magazine from the University of Geneva. He made his comic debut with the landscape format-shaped comic book 'Livre Vert Vietnam', published by Papiers Gras in 1997.

Bretagne, by Pierre Wazem

Wazem then began an assocation with Les Humanoïdes Associés, who published his subsequent books 'Le Chant des Pavots' (1998), 'Bretagne' (1999) and 'Comme une Rivière' (2000). Wazem has written scripts for Tom Tirabosco ('Week-end avec Préméditation' in 2000, 'Monroe' in 2005, 'La Fin du Monde' in 2008, 'Sous-Sols' in 2010), Frederik Peeters (the 'Koma' series from 2003) and Antoine Aubin ('Sur la Neige' in 2004).

Presque Sarajevo, by Pierre Wazem
'Presque Sarajevo'. 

With Éditions Atrabile, Wazem made 'Promenades' in 2001 and 'Presque Sarajevo' in 2002. In 2005 he made book 5 of 'Les Scorpions du Désert', based on the work of Hugo Pratt, for Casterman. His humorous one-shot 'Le Pingouin Volant' was published by La Joie de Lire in 2007.

Wazem had only produced three albums when he was awarded the Rodolphe Töppfer-prize for best young author from the city of Geneva. His work is influenced by artists like Hugo Pratt, Lewis Trondheim, Micheluzzi and Muñoz. Wazem's black-and-white comics play with lighting, obscurity and flashbacks.

Les Scorpions du Désert, by Pierre Wazem
'Les Scorpions du Désert'.

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