The Scorpion, by Monty Wedd
'The Scorpion'. 

Monty Wedd was an Australian comic artist and animator. He was born in 1921 in New South Wales, Australia. He left school during the Great Depression and started working at a printing company. After half a year, he was employed as an artist by a furniture manufacturer. During World War II, he served in the army. After his discharge, he studied art and sold his first comics to Syd Nicholls, including titles such as 'Bert and Ned' and 'Captain Justice'. For Elmsdale Publications he produced 'Tod Trail' and 'Kirk Raven', and in 1954 he came up with his best known creation, 'The Scorpion', which was an immediate bestseller.

The Scorpion, by Monty WeddThe Scorpion, by Monty Wedd
'The Scorpion'. 

Wedd worked on the comic series 'Captain Justice' for Calvert Publishing, drew for Stamp News and became associated with The Australian Children's Newspaper. For this latter paper he drew various short adventure comics. In 1963, he turned to animation, working for Artransa and Eric Porter on series such as 'Marco Polo vs. The Red Dragon', 'Charlie Chan', 'The Lone Ranger', 'Rocket Robin Hood' (scripted by Ralph Bakshi) and 'Super Friends' (produced by Hanna-Barbera.)

Monty Wedd drew the 'Ned Kelly' newspaper strip for 146 weeks in the mid-1970s, and subsequently drew other historical features called 'Bold Ben Hall' and 'The Making of a Nation', about the history of Australia.

Story From Fatt Finn's Comic by Monty Wedd
'Fatty Finn's Comic'.

Monty Wedd passed away in 2012. The Australian publisher Comicoz reprinted the complete 'Ned Kelly' strips in a deluxe volume in 2014. Wedd's style was inspired by Syd Nicholls, using Australian landscapes to depict boys' adventures full of historical authenticity.

Tod Trail, by Monty Wedd
'Tod Trail and The Apache Renegades'. 

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