There Oughta Be a Law by Warren Whipple
 'They'll Do It Every Time', French-language version. 

Warren Whipple was born in North East Pennsylvania into a family of farmers. Whipple was a sickly child, but his health improved when he and his mother moved to Bainbridge in upstate New York. He entrolled at the Syracuse University College of Fine Arts in 1928 and during the Great Depression years, he took part in a teacher training program. He found employment with a high school in East Hampton and he also became director of the high school art department.

Whipple also pursued a career as a cartoonist, working with Jimmy Hatlo on 'They'll Do It Every Time'. He took over the artwork of the 'There Oughta Be A Law' comic strip from Al Fagaly in 1963. He worked on the strip with its creator Harry Shorten and some other writers until 1971, when Whipple's longtime friend Frank Borth came in as the strip's writer. Whipple and Borth cooperated until 1981, when Borth took on the full production until his own retirement in 1983. He passed away in East Hampton on New Year's Day 2003.

There Oughta Be a Law by Warren Whipple
  'They'll Do It Every Time'. French-language version. 

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