The Phantom by Bertil Wilhelmsson
 'The Phantom'. 

Swedish comic artist Bertil Wilhelmsson began his career in 1953, assisting Nils Egerbrandt on the comic strip 'Olli'. He was the first artist with the Swedish production of 'Phantom' stories at Semic Press in the early 1960s. Wilhelmsson was part of Team Fantomen until 1988, with a break from 1978 to 1986. He has written some of his stories himself, and he often cooperated with inker Özcan Eralp.

In addition to his 'Phantom' work, Wilhelmsson has done art on the strip 'Uncas', and on the Swedish comic book stories with Hank Ketcham's 'Dennis the Menace' in the 1960s. During his break from 'The Phantom', he did art on comedy strips like 'Flygsoldat 113 Bom', '91:an', 'Frisk och Rask' and 'Buster'.

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