Sancho and the Don, by Ralph A. Wolfe
'Sancho and the Don'.

Ralph Wolfe was an animator and artist of newspaper features in the 1920s and 1930s. Ralph Allison Wolfe was born in Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma into a family of Caucasian and Cherokee origins. By the 1920s he was a cartoonist in the moving pictures industry. He was a longtime animator for Disney, Warner Bros (working in Frank Tashlin's unit) and Fleischer.

Animal Wisecracks, by Ralph A. Wolfe
'Animal Wisecracks' (10 September 1929).

In the late 1920s he moved from Los Angeles to New York City to work on a number of newspaper strips, such as 'The Outline of Polar Exploration' (1928), 'The Pioneers' (which he took over from Lovrien Gregory, 1928-29), 'Sancho and the Don' (1930) and 'Animal Wise Cracks' (1929-30). Wolfe freelanced in the comic book industry during the 1940s into the early 1950s.

The Outline of Polar Exploration, by Ralph A. Wolfe
'The Outline of Polar Exploration'.

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