Hellraiser, by Jorgé Zaffino

Jorge Zaffino got an early interest in arts, especially painting. After his studies, he began working in the comics field through the studios La Oficina (Lito Fernández, Massaroli, Sergio Mulko, Frank Szilagyi) and Nippur IV (Robin Wood and the Villagrán brothers). He worked on several titles for the Columba publishing house, including the popular 'Nippur de Lagash' series. With Robin Wood, he created serials like 'Kayan', ' Wolf' and 'Troels'. In the mid-1980s, he began drawing for Italy with scripts by Galicchio (Roger King) and Juan Zappietro (Ray Collins).

It was in 1987, when he did his first works for the USA market. With scriptwriter Chuck Dixon, he cooperated on Marvel Comics, revamping 'The Punisher', and creating the graphic novels 'Assassin's Guild' and 'Kingdom Gone'. Later on, he worked for several publishers, on titles like 'Hellraizer', 'Inc. Terror', 'Conan the Barbarian', 'Shadow Line Sage', 'Seven Block', 'Winter World' and 'Batman: Black & White'.

Hellraiser, by Jorgé Zaffino


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