Gala, by Lito Fernandez

Born in Buenos Aires, Lito Fernández studied at the Pan-American School of Art under guidance of Alberto Breccia and Angel Borisoff. He began his comics career in 1958 with a story for Dia D. He then began collaborations with the magazines Hora Cero and Frontera. He took over the series 'Misterix' in 1963. For several years, Fernández worked for the foreign market, drawing for the American magazine Comix and the British newspaper Daily Mirror. In the mid-1970s, he began a versatile collaboration with the publishing house Record and its magazine Skorpio. There, he took over the series 'Precinto 56' from José Muñoz, and created the series like 'Oceania' and 'Gala'. He also restyled Paul Campani's 'Bull Rocket' series (assisted by Anibal Uzál). Fernandez has also drawn many series for the Editorial Columba, such as 'Dennis Martin', 'Martin Hel' and 'Kevin', with scripts by Robin Wood. In Fierro, he published 'El Otro Dr. Fogg' with a script by Carlos Albiac. He eventually began a collaboration with the Italian publisher Eura.

Some of Fernández' many assistants were Carlos GomezDomingo Mandrafina and Jorge Zaffino

Precinto 56, by Lito Fernández

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