Harry Dickson, by Pascal J. Zanon
'Harry Dickson'. 

Pascal J. Zanon was a Belgian comic artist, best known for his comic strip 'Harry Dickson' (1986-2015). He worked in the same "Ligne Claire" ("Clear Line") style as HergéEdgar P. Jacobs and Jacques Martin, artists whose influence is instantly recognizable in his own realistic drawings. His Italian roots also resulted in influences from Greek-Latin antiquity and the Italian Renaissance painters Filippo Lippi and Michelangelo.

Early life and career
Pascal J. Zanon was born in 1943 in Brussels as son of Italian immigrants. After his parents died an early death he was forced to take several different jobs in order to earn a living. His talent for drawing led to assignments as a caricaturist of sports figures and illustrator of historical articles.

'Harry Dickson'. 

Harry Dickson
After meeting Christian Vanderhaeghe, editor-in-chief of the publishing company Art et B.D., Zanon was encouraged to collaborate with him on a comic series. This became 'Harry Dickson', an adaptation of Jean Ray's (also known under his pseudonym 'John Flanders') well known series of detective novels. The stories were serialized in Charlie Mensuel, but after a while directly published in album format by Dargaud.Zanon worked with Vanderhaeghe on eight albums between 1986 and 2004. The ninth album appeared in 2014 with art by Zanon and Philippe Chapelle. Chapelle then drew album 10, while an eleventh installment was drawn by Renaud in 2016. The 'Harry Dickson' comics should not be confused with the similar titled 1992-2009 adaptation by Richard D. Nolane and Olivier Roman, which was published by Soleil, nor with the 2014 adaptation by Brice Tarvel and Christophe Alvès which was brought on the market by Chez Pascal Galode Éditeurs.

Pascal J. Zanon passed away in January 2017, but the news only became public about two months later. He died a lonely man in a hospital after complications of an operation. According to rumors he was buried in a cheap casket without any of his friends or relatives being informed. He was 73.

comic art by Pascal J. Zanon
'Harry Dickson'. 

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