Papernovella, by Silvia Ziche

Silvia Ziche is an artist and writer for the Italian Disney production. She draws for the magazines Topolino, PK and MM. She collaborated on such magazines as Linus, Comix and Cuere and did satirical art in cooperation with Maurizio Minoggio. In Comix, she drew the series 'Alice a Quel Paese', of which one book appeared at Glénat Italia in 1992.

Topokolossal, by Silvia Ziche

Ziche has won several prizes for her art, among others for her 'Papernovella' ('Il Papero del Mistero'), a Disney parody of soap opera television. Other notable Disney creations are 'Topokolossal', 'Il Grande Splash' and the mini-series 'Trip's Strip' and 'Angus Tales', which both appeared in PK.

Zio Paperone, by Silvia Ziche
'Zio Paperone'. 

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