from Stripburger, by Alex Zograf (2001)
From 'Stripburger'. 

The work of the Serbian comic artist Sasha Rakezic, who goes by the name Aleksandar Zograf, cuts right into the heart of life in former Yugoslavia. He portrays the region's emotional twisting and impossible conditions in a dark yet amusing manner. In his comic 'Dream Watcher' (a nickname given to him by Chief Piercing Eyes of the Pan-American Indian Association), Zograf describes "hypnagogic visions" - the haunting imagery that occurs in a state between sleeping and waking.

Bulletins from Serbia, by Aleksandar Zograf

Zograf started publishing comics in Serbian magazines in 1986 and has been active on the international scene since the early 1990s when his work started to appear in American comics anthologies such as Weirdo and Zero Zero. In 1999 his 'Bulletins from Serbia' appeared, containing e-mails and cartoon strips written during the NATO bombings. This impressive book has been translated into several languages. In 2002, Zograf produced 'Jamming with Zograf', in which he collaborated with a number of comic artists, such as Jim Woodring and Robert Crumb.

During the Days of a Civil War in Yugoslavia, by Aleksandar Zograf (Bonus, 1992)
'During the Days of Civil War'. 

In the US, the following titles have been published: 'Life Under Sanctions' (Fantagraphics Books, 1994), 'Psychonaut 1-2' (Fantagraphics Books, 1996), 'Psychonaut 3' (Monster Pants Comics/ Freight Films, 1999), 'Flock of Dreamers' (Kitchen Sink Press, 1997), 'Dream Watcher' (Slab-O-Concrete, 1999), 'Regards from Serbia' (Top Shelf Productions, 2007). In Europe, his works have been translated and published by publishers such as L'Association in France, PuntoZero and Black Velvet in Italy, Jochen Enterprises in Germany, Sluzbeni Glasnik and SKCNS in Serbia, VBZ in Croatia, KAPSIMI in Greece, Nyittott Konyv in Hungary, and Under Comics in Spain.

from Dream Watcher, by Aleksandar Zograf (1998)
'Dream Watcher'.

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