'Pierrot et Miette font la Guerre' (Front, 2 September 1945).

Zouc was the pen name of a Belgian cartoonist, active in at least the mid-1940s. He drew a serialized comic strip, 'Pierrot et Miette Font La Guerre' (1945) in the World War II resistance paper Front and also provided illustrations to the children's magazine Bimbo. Nothing else is known about him. 

Shortly after World War II, Zouc contributed to Front, the paper of the Comité National du Front de l'Indépendance, one of Belgium's resistance movements. Published by J. Rampart in Brussels, Front informed the Belgians about the wartime resistance activities and the country's post-war reconstruction. Zouc illustrated headers and articles, and also provided the 1945 comic strip serial 'Pierrot et Miette Font la Guerre' (AKA 'Pierrot et Miette Font la d'État en Blanc, Remboursable Après Guerre'), about two youngsters helping the resistance.

Zouc's drawings and comic strips also appeared in Bimbo, a Brussels comic magazine published by Guy Depière and his Studio Guy. Some sources say that Zouc was a pen name of Maurice Tillieux, one of Bimbo's main contributors. This seems unlikely, since Tillieux has mentioned Zouc in several interviews, when asked about his Studio Guy days. In a 1977 article by Brigitte Hermann for Les Cahiers de la Bande Dessinée' issue #34, Tillieux said about his co-workers at Bimbo: "Funcken worked there, Cheneval and then a guy I've never heard of again, called Zouc. He dropped off the radar!" When the interviewer asked about Zouc's real name, Tillieux said he didn't know. The true identity of Zouc shall perhaps always remain a mystery.

Illustration by Zouc for Front (2 September 1945).

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