Kahl & Pörth by Ztnarf
'Kahl & Pörth'.

Frantz Hofmann took courses in Comic Art at the Fine Arts Academies of Châtelet and Watermael-Boitsfort. He worked for two years as a graphic designer for the site Prizee.com, and then three years for the videogame studio Yamago. He is now a freelance commercial artist working in Paris, who uses the pen name Frantz for his cartooning. He published his comic strip 'Kahl & Pörth, Aventuriers de l'Extrême' on the site 30joursdeBD, and since 2014 in Spirou magazine. He is also present in Le Journal de Mickey with games. Ztnarf created the humor comics 'Lilly Sparrow' with Ced for Makaka in 2014, and 'Super Bébé' with PirateSourcil at Jungle! in 2016.

Superbébé by Ztnarf
'Super Bébé'.


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