Conte à dormir by Ced
'Contes à Dormir Debout'.

Cédric Asna, better known as Ced, grew up reading Hergé's 'Tintin' and René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo's 'Astérix'. He started out making the fanzine De Bric et de Broc (2000-01) with Jocker and his high school friend Emesse, with whom he also self-published 'Les Aventures de Serge Votre Lama Préféré' through Zanes Production. Ced studied Graphic Arts in Toulouse, and worked as a commercial graphic artist, when he launched his comics blog in 2005. His work was soon noticed and picked up by the collective, and by Makaka Editions. In fact, his book 'Contes à Dormir Debout' was the first comic published by this Parisian publisher in 2007, followed by a second installment two years later.

He worked with scriptwriter Frédéric Duprat on the children's album 'Alcibiade et la Couronne du Roi' (Ed. Carabas, 2009). Ced is however mainly associated with Editions Makaka, for which he writes and draws the interactive comic series 'Sherlock Holmes - La BD Dont Vous êtes le Héros' since 2013, and the humor comics 'Un An sans internet' (2011) and 'Wikipanda' (2013-2014).

Sherlock Holmes by Ced
'Sherlock Holmes'.

Ced is also a productive writer for other artists. With Waltch, he has made short stories for the monthly magazine Lanfeust Mag, and the series 'Le Passeur d'Âmes' at Makaka (2011-2013). He has also written scripts for Lychen ('Le Couple' at Delcourt, 2011), Ztnarf ('Lilly Sparrow' at Makaka, 2014), Jean-Philippe Morin ('A.S.T. -L'Apprenti Seigneur des Ténèbres' at Sarbacane, 2014 onwards) and Stivo ('Mystery' at Makaka, 2015 onwards).

Wikipanda by Ced

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