De Vieze Nazels by Arne Zuidhoek
'De Viege Nagels'. 

Arne Zuidhoek studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, and eventually settled in Utrecht. In 1968, he started Studio Wapper with Wim van de Sanden, through which he created comics for several local publications. The first was 'Bertus Knijp & Pieters' in Nieuw Utrechts Dagblad in 1968-1969, followed by 'De Vieze Nazels' in both Havenloods/Het Zuiden and Groot Utrecht in 1970-1971. Nieuw Utrechts Dagblad and Havenloods/Het Zuiden also ran his strip 'Wally' in 1969-1970. He worked with Guus Dijkhuizen on 'Orgus' in Gandalf (1969-1970). Zuidhoek also published a comic in an art magazine and his comic 'Co-Starring Ko' appeared in the Dutch music magazine Aloha in 1969.

De Vieze Nazels by Arne Zuidhoek
'De Viege Nazels'. 

Zuidhoek has written and illustrated many books, as well as text stories for Donald Duck weekly. One of his most notable creations is the highly original and lavishly illustrated book 'De Verzinsels van Vader Wapper' (1974), which consisted of fairy tales, comic stories ('De Egotrips van de heren Gandalf en Wapper' and 'Het Kraambed') and actitvity pages in which the reader must paste the images himself. During the book presentation in the Amsterdam department store De Bijenkorf, TV presenter Mies Bouwman described Zuidhoek as a "wanderer, philosopher and realist".

De Verzinsels van Vader Wapper by Arne Zuidhoek
'De Verzinsels van Vader Wapper'.

Zuidhoek spent several years sailing with the merchant navy, and with his 63-foot schooner De Hoop. He is considered one of the leading publicists in maritime subjects, with an oeuvre of over thirty books, including a pirate encyclopedia. In the 1980s Zuidhoek moved to Santa Cruz, California, and decided to fully concentrate on painting, with a specialization in washed ink-drawing and orgrisaille techniques. One of the recurring themes in his paintings are pirates, and in 2002 there was an exhibition of his work in Slot Zeist.

De Viege Nazels, by Arne Zuidhoek
'De Viege Nazels'.

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