Comics History

Bulgarian Underground Comix

by Anelia Nikolova
Artwork by Anelia Nikolova

The absence of any mainstream publications, does not mean that Bulgarian comic artists ceased their productivity. The underground scene, although disorganized and lacking proper magazines, still shows what great diversity of voices express themselves in the comics medium in Bulgaria.

Che, by Ivan KiryakovChe, by Ivan Kiryakov

A few names of artists from the underground scene in Bulgaria are Stanislav Ilev, Sergey Nikolov, Hayrula, Anelia Nikolova, Antiohov, Ivan Kiryakov, and Svetlin Velinov. Themes of their comics are various, from political to parodies on superheroes.

The Matrix, by Svetlin VelinovArtwork by Svetlin Velinov

Bulgarian underground artists can now be found online on the site (in Bulgarian).

(Overview courtesy of Vladimir Nedialkov)