Comics History

"The ABC's of the Nazi Regime"

drawn by Herman Vos.

Het ABC van het Naziregiem

A is for Adolf, geteekend door Herman A. Vos

A is for Adolf, the source of all misery.

B is for the Butchers, of which Himmler is the worst.

C en D

C is for Censorship, that all freedom thwarts.

D is for the Damned thieving hordes.

E en F

E is for Evacuation, which many escaped.

F is for the Führer, who bled our country.


G is for Göring, the last fat of the Nation.

H is for the Hell, after the successful invasion.

I en J

I is for the Israelite, who was haunted to death.

J is for 'John Bull', who was challenged by Hitler.

K en L

K is for 'Kraft', 'Freude' is nowhere to be found.

L is for the Lies, in Nazi-papers and books.

M en N

M is for the 'Mina's', who floated down on us.

N is for the Nazi-friends, who welcomed Germany.

O en P

O is for Germany's Overthrow, anticipated by everyone.

P is for the Pain the Nazis inflicted.

Q en R

Q is for the Quislings, who could be found everywhere.

R is for the Russians, who made Hitler fall.

S en T

S is for Seys Inquart, who ever believed his words?

T is for the Terror of the Nazis, pillaging and murder.

U en V

U is for 'Uncle Sam', the mass-producer.

V is for Victory, the end of all misery!

W en X

W is for the Workers of the underground resistance.

X is for the fallen Hero, who gave everything.

Y en Z

Y is for: "Why could England not be defeated?"

Z is for the Sea, which swallowed Germany's hope.