R. Crumb Exhibition (November 1994)

25 November 1994

The R. Crumb exhibition at Galerie Lambiek was opened on 25 November 1994 and ran until mid-January 1995. A great number of Crumb originals dating back to the sixties were for display.

This report of the opening was published on the brand new Lambiek-site in November 1994:

Robert Crumb was drawing little pictures and signing his name in the hundreds of books that were put in front of him, while eating sandwiches and having some drinks.

When told his work was now also being advertised on the Internet, he replied with this little "signature."

He was very impressed after having been given a demonstration of the information about Lambiek on the Internet. Well, at least he seemed impressed. I mean, you never can tell with this guy, can you? Not until his next drawing, anyway.

A special guest appeared on the opening a little later as well. His flight (Flight 714 of Qantas from Djakarta) had been a little delayed. Unfortunately, no Sani-Cola was available. (This is a reference to a visitor who resembled the Tintin character Lazlo Carreidas. This man was none other than Dutch film director and TV documentary maker Louis van Gasteren who was unaware of this physical resemblance, but Kees Kousemaker made it a running gag afterwards.)

A Russian accordeon player played like he had never played before. His material consisted of less known and even lesser known Russian accordeon music. It was a special night for all the musicians there. Among the famous guests who were queing to get an autography by Crumb were Peter Pontiac, Hanco Kolk, Martin Lodewijk, Joost Swarte, Herwolt van Doornen, Maaike Hartjes, Aart Clerkx and Willy Linthout.

It was much later that night before everybody left. All in all it was one of the best openings at Galerie Lambiek. Too bad if you couldn't be there. We hope this virtual report makes up a little for that.

Photos and review by Elizabeth Mattijsen ©1995