Paul Bodoni - The Provoked Human (February 2009)

13 February 2009

Galerie Lambiek was honoured to host Paul Bodoni's exposition, 'The Provoked Human', which premiered on Friday the 13th of February 2009 at 6:00 PM.

Bodoni is a born artist. He was the youngest student ever to attend the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and draws just as good with his left hand as with his right. He travelled with a circus throughout the land and made comics for children magazines such as childrens' magazines Jippo, Okki and Hello You, but also for underground comix Hitkrant, de (Vrije) Balloen, Gezellig en Leuk, and also did bookcovers, graphic design, affiches and much more.

Paul Bodoni's piece of art 'Terra Harmonica' was one of the highlights of the exposition Kunst en Strip (Art & Comics) at the Singer Museum in Laren in 2008. He drew this mythological epic (in 62 panels) in Sweden. He works there as a psychotherapist, and it was a way for him to deal with the depressions and fears of his clients. With the expo, a delicate, signed and numbered leporello booklet is published by Oog & Blik Editions and will be presented on the opening.

The expo will last until the end of March 2009 and gives an overview of his ancient and brand new artworks and illustrations, along with samples of his original comic pages.