Lambiek's Businesscard sold on ebay for fifty bucks!

1 December 2013

For the third time - for as far as we know - our Lambiek business card is sold on ebay for 'only' $ 50. A few years ago, it was auctioned on for sixty pound sterling.

Back in 1996, when Chris Ware was still the best kept secret in the comics world, Lambiek already had a major retrospective exhibition in his gallery. Not much later, Mr. Ware designed this lovely business card in the form of a mini-comic for us, inspired by the Dutch pulp comic Lex Brand. Since then, every Lambiek customer gets this gem for free.

In the meanwhile, Chris Ware is one of the most populair comic artist in the world and is collected by thousands of comic-lovers. Some are even willing to pay $ 50.00 or more to obtain this businesscard on ebay.

Naturally, our webshop customers also receive a copy with every order, so if you wanna make a buck, place your order in our webshop, ask us to include the business card in 'remarks' put it on ebay, relax in your easy chair and see what happens.