series: Carbon
volume: 5
publisher: Flesk
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 56:

Mark Schultz continues to amaze! This fifth volume in his Carbon art-book series features new drawings and paintings, all created within the last two years. It\'s a wide-ranging potpourri of commissions, book illustrations, concept designs, comics and personal work, brimming with the unique imagery and subject matter for which Mark is celebrated. His media include carbon and graphite pencils, brush and ink, watercolor and gouache. The images feature Jack and Hannah from his Xenozoic tales, two new Paleonauts funny-book stories, Stormforce 10 concept designs, preparatory work for his upcoming Storms at Sea sequel and an assortment of science-fantasy subjects drawn from the fictional worlds that inspired his career. Preliminaries are placed side-by-side with finished pieces to provide insight to the artist\'s working process. Carbon 5 is a deep dive into Mark\'s ages-spanning imagination, showcasing his work as an illustrator, a cartoonist and a concept artist.

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