artist: Guy Delisle
series: Guy Delisle
publisher: Drawn & Quarterly
language: English
coloring: Black and white
pages: 176:

Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea, Guy Delisle's internationally bestselling and critically acclaimed graphic novel about the "hermit country", was named among the best of the year by,, CBC Radio One Talking Books, San Antonio Current, Vancouver Courier, Edmonton Journal, The Comics Journal, Young Adult Library Services Association and the Pennsylvania School Librarian's Association.

"Delisle has drawn an unforgettable picture of Pyongyang."--Time Magazine

"[Delisle] cloaks his tale with a compassionate cynicism that cushions the bleak horrors of this totalitarian Lost In Translation. A-"--Entertainment Weekly

"A graphic novel that is a fascinating and hilarious sketch of [Delisle's] time in the country."--Time

"Books like Persepolis--as well as Sacco's Palestine and Safe Area Gorazde and Guy Delisle's Pyongyang--are held up not only as great literature but also as instructive guides to global combat zones."--Newsweek

"Full of wry detail, humour and pathos..."--Maclean's

"Pyongyang is a fascinating, even important document. Its simple yet highly evocative artwork brings us a kind of photo-reportage from a country where photography is restricted, journalists are barred and visitors in general are discouraged...Prevented from being a travelogue in the traditional sense, Pyongyang instead functions as a portrait of society in denial."--The Guardian [UK]

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