a predilection for Tina

artist: Dave Cooper
series: Ripple
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
coloring: two color
Hard Cover

Originally published in 2004, Dave Cooper's Ripple is one of the great graphic novels of the 21st century. Martin is a floundering painter who hires a model, Tina, to pose for a series of paintings he dubs 'The Eroticism of Homeliness.' Their relationship evolves from a tenuous working relationship to a confused sexual entanglement. Martin's initial repulsion slowly turns to attraction, causing him to re-evaluate his notions of beauty and sexuality. Tina's motives are slowly turned upside-down as well, leading toward the book's explosive ending. Sad, funny, and often uncomfortable, Ripple is rendered with kinetic realism.

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