What Lies Beneath

artist: Moebius
series: The Incal
volume: 3
publisher: Humanoids Inc.
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
size: 305x405x17mm
pages: 56: Hard Cover

The third volume of The Incal, the bestselling international comic masterpiece by Mœbius and Jodorowsky, What Lies Beneath is a unique gem in the Jodorowsky/Mœbius creative timeline that can be enjoyed both as part of the series as well as on its own. The stakes are raised and the intergalactic chase continues for John Difool and his entourage. Published in its original colors and in the same deluxe, limited and numbered (999 copies only), super-oversized format as The Black Incal and The Luminous Incal.

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