Boris the Potato Child

artist: Anne Simon
volume: 3
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
Hard Cover

n her latest graphic novel, French artist and illustrator Anne Simon returns to her visually and allegorically rich fantasyland. Boris, the round-headed child, reigns like a despot in the little house he lives in with his mother. His mother, Bulle, formerly known as Aglaia, was once the all-powerful queen of the country Marylene. Since Marylene\'s fall, residents have lived in peace thanks to a self-governing system they have adopted. But when Boris meets Sabine, a warrior French fry thirsty for revenge, nothing will ever be the same … The final book in Anne Simon\'s \'Tales of Marylene \'\' graphic novel trilogy (after The Song of Aglaia and Empress Cixtisis), Boris the Potato Child delivers a bitter critique of our consumerist impulses and abuses. Mixing literature and pop culture (such as mashing Simone de Beauvoir with the Beatles), Simon has created in Marylene a world as abundant in visual imagination as Oz or Narnia, but crafted with a Swiftian pen that\'s mightier than any man\'s sword. anne simon lives in Paris and studied art in the internationally renowned comics city of Angouleme, France.

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