Smorbukk by Håkon Aasnes
Smørbukk (2003)

Norwegian artist Håkon Aasnes was born in Oslo, and grew up in Aurskog, Norway. He started drawing at the age of two, with a carpenter's pencil on wrapping paper. His self-published his early comics, such as 'Avkroken' (1960) and 'Zantar' (1964) while working. He had already created the first version of his character 'Tobram' in 1960, when he was seventeen. However, it was not until 1972 that an updated version, 'Seidel og Tobram', was published in the Norwegian press. The series ran until the 1990s and was published in over 17 newspapers. Because it's not easy to make a living by drawing Norwegian comics, Aasnes has held on to his day job.

Donald Duck, drawn by Hakon Aasnes
Donald Duck (1977)

In addition to 'Seidel og Tobram', he worked as a writer and occasional penciller on 'Donald Duck' comics for Gutenberghus between 1976 and 1980. In the 1980s, Aasnes took on advertising assignments from magazines like Vi Menn, Bondebladet and Nationen. He also drew for the 'Fantomen' comic in 1981 and took over the 'Smørbukk' character from Solveig Muren Sanden in Norsk Barneblad in 1983. Between 1983 and 1988 he created five comic albums based on the 1970s film comedy 'Olsens Gang' with writer Sverre Arnes.

Tuss og Troll (2005), by Hakon Aasnes
Tuss og Troll (2005)

Aasnes became a staff artist with Norks Barneblad in 1983, drawing not only 'Smørbukk', but also another classic series created by Jens R. Nilssen and continued by Muren Sanden, 'Tuss og Troll'. He launched his own series, such as 'Annika' (1991) and 'Hanna' (1993). In the 2000s, he took on the Christmas annuals of 'Gråtass' (2002) and 'Stomperud' (2005), succeeding Leif Isaksen on the latter.

Smörbukk, by Håkon Aasnes

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