Bezgin Bekir, by Tuncay Akgün

Tuncay Akgün was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1962. He studied art and started his career in comics in 1980, by publishing in magazine Gırgır. He left this magazine in 1985, to launch magazine Limon, in a more radical and critical editorial style. Together with Mehmet Çagçag, he founded magazine LeMan in 1991, of which he is editor. He created the comic 'Bezgin Bekir'. His work has also appeared in magazines Yeni Gundem, Tempo, Avni, L-Manyak and Yeni Harman. He is also editor of magazines L-Manyak and Yeni Harman.

Bezgin Bekir, by Tuncay Akgün

Laatste update: 2012-04-14

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