La Marque Jacobs by Louis Alloing
'La Marque Jacobs'.

Louis Alloing is a French illustrator for children's books, novels and the press. Born in Rabat, Morocco, he studied graphic arts in Marseille and Paris. After working in advertising for a while, he switched to illustrating children's novels in 1990. Alloing has illustrated various works for the publishing houses Père Castor-Flammarion, Hachette, Milan and Bayard Jeunesse. His first comic book, 'Une aventure d'Archie McCombers' was published by Lézard Grafik in 1992.

Les Moineaux, by Louis Alloing
'Les Aventures des Moineaux' #7 - 'Julien et ses Doubles' (2002).

He is a productive artist for Éditions Bayard and their magazine Astrapi. Together with scriptwriter Rodolphe, he created the comic series 'Les Aventures des Moineaux' between 1998 and 2003. In 2005 he became the new artist of the Bayard series 'Marion Duval', succeeding Philippe Masson and working with Yvan Pommaux and later Philippe Poirier as scriptwriters. In that same year, he created the well-received children's graphic novel 'Dans la Secte' in cooperation with writer Pierre Henri for the publishing house La Boîte à Bulles.

Marion Duval by Louis Alloing
Marion Duval #18 - 'Les Disparues d'Ouessant' (2009).

Alloing has also contributed to Bayard's comic book series on religion, 'Les Chercheurs de Dieu', and additionally illustrated informative comics about subjects like asthma. He is the illustrator of Paul Thiès's 'Plume le Pirate' stories. In 2012, Delcourt published 'La Marque Jacobs', Alloing and Rodolphe's much discussed comics biography of Edgar P. Jacobs that resulted in a lawsuit from the publisher of the original 'Blake & Mortimer' books because of the book's title and cover lay-out. Jacobs' heirs felt it was copyright infringement, but the judge eventually allowed its publication.

Dans la secte by Louis Alloing
'Dans La Secte' (2005).

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