Espoleta, by Carlos Avalone

Carlos Avalone started his career at age 15 as art assistant at an animation studio. In 1972, when he was 17, he published his first comics, about the kid ' Espoleta', in Diario de S. Paulo newspaper from Sao Paulo city. The next year, he published the Turminha Sapeca comic magazine, with the characters 'Espoleta', 'Gabiroba' and 'Pixaim', at the publishing house Saber. In 1974 the publishing house Noblet began publication of the monthly Espoleta comic magazine. Avalone began working freelance for the publishing house Abril in 1975. There, he drew and inked Disney comics for the Brazilian market. Still in 1975, he goes to the Mauricio de Sousa Studios, where he worked for about a year drawing ' Turma da Monica'. Two years later, he went to Estudio Capas, a division of publishing house Abril Infantis, where he worked for the following nine years. By that time he drew and inked Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Pink Panther (based on Friz Freleng's character) and Little Lulu comics for the Brazilian market, based on the character created by Marge.

He created the character 'Carrapicho' in 1979 to participate in Projeto Tiras (Comics Strips Project) of Editora Abril, a system to distribute comics strips to Brazilian newspapers. His comics strips are then published in several newspapers all over the country. Two years later the Projeto Tiras is extinguished by the publisher. Then he submits a project to the editor Noblet to publish a comic magazine with the character 'Carrapicho'. A few months later the Carrapicho comic magazine appears monthly in magazine stands and bookstores. He quit the comic scene in 1989, and became an illustrator of children's books and textbooks.

Carrapicho cover, by Carlos AvaloneCarrapicho cover, by Carlos Avalone

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