Sad Sack, by George Baker

In 1937, George Baker went out to Hollywood to work for Walt Disney. For the next four years, he worked on virtually all of Disney's well-known pictures, including 'Pinocchio', 'Fantasia', 'Dumbo' and 'Bambi'. From there, he was inducted into the army in June, 1941. Baker spent most of his evenings in the army drawing cartoons of army life, featuring the 'Sad Sack', the bewildered recruit trying to be a soldier. In 1946, he moved to Los Angeles and formed Sad Sack Inc., through which he merchandised 'Sad Sack' artifacts for the next thirty years. George Baker died in 1975, a couple weeks before his 60th birthday.

George Baker was a strong influence on John Kricfalusi.

Sad Sack, by George Baker (1946)
Sad Sack returned to civilian life in 1946.

Sad Sack, by George Baker

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