Frankenstein, by Alex Baladi

Born in Vevey, Alex Baladi studied literature in Geneva and cinema and video in Paris. He cooperated on magazines such as Sauve qui Peut, Psikopat, Le Cheval sans Tête, P.L.G. and Jade, and he provided illustrations and comics to several journals. He edited the Toujours Content fanzine between 1994 and 1996, and Rien et Moins que Rien in 1998. His first album collections, 'Monsieur Cru et le Désespoir Euphorique' and 'Comment Devenir' were published by the publishing house Atoz in Geneva in 1992 and 1993.

Souvenir Violent, by Alex Baladi

For Mosquito, he made 'Contes Maisons et Sûre' in 1996. He then published 'Goudron Plumé' at Delcourt in 1997 and 'Cosmique Tralala' at La Cafetière in 2001. In addition, he published several albums at the Éditions Atrabile, such as 'Frankenstein encore et toujours', 'Super', 'Tabloïd' and 'Les Surtriplés'. He drew 'Zak et le Professeur' at La Joie de Lire, 'L'Irrationnel & un Café' at L'Association and 'Quarzazate et Mourir' at 6 Pieds Sous Terre.

Rien de canard, by Alex Baladi

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