A story for Il Giornalino, by Luciane Bernasconi (1986)

Born in Rome, Luciano Bernasconi started out working for Carlo Cedroni's agency Barbato/Mancini. There, he worked with artists like Alberto Giolitti, Ruggero Giovannini, Gino Guida, Nevio Zeccara and Annibale Casabianca. Among his credits around this time were the western series 'Dago', published by Lug. In 1966 he began a collaboration with Edizioni Europer in Rome, illustrating the war series 'Attak'. A year later, he teamed up with Luigi De Filippo to create comics with the animation characters 'Pappagone' and 'Ciccio e Franco'. For the same publishing group, he illustrated several episodes of 'La Donna Invisible'.

In 1969 he became one of the major artists working for French publisher Lug through the Martini/Mafi agency in Milan, and out with series like 'Wampus' and 'Bob Lance'. During the 1970s he worked directly for Lug, and illustrated of a great many series, such as 'L'Autre', 'Kabur', 'Waki', 'Le Gladiateur de Bronze', 'Bob Flay', 'L'Ami Barry', 'Jeff Sullivan', 'Billy Boyd', 'Phénix', 'Kit Kappa', 'Baby Bang', 'Starlock' and 'Il Grande Blek'.

In 1978, his work also appeared in Il Giornalino, and in 1979 he included another genre to his oeuvre, creating erotic and porn comics for Edifumetto in Milan, directed by Renzo Barberi. In 1983, he drew 'Welcome to Rome' from a script by Roberto Dal'Pra. He also joined the team of 40 artists who alternated on a series of comics for Il Messaggero. From 1989, he continued working in the erotic genre for Blue Press and Splatter magazine.

In 1991, he worked with Della Monica on four episodes of 'Gordon Linch'. He had some appearances in magazines like L'Intrepido ('I Custodi' and some westerns with Dal'Pra) and Crimen ('Sherlock Holmes'), and made a comic adaptation of the erotic novel 'Gamiani' in 1994-95. In 2000, he took on new episodes with 'Kabur' and 'Wampus' for Semic Press (previously Lug).

Rodeo, by Luciano Bernasconi

cover for Wampus, by Luciano Bernasconi


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