Redeye (dutch version) by Gordon Bess

Gordon Bess began his career as a cartoonist in the Marine Corps, which he joined in 1947. During his service, Bess produced illustrations for the Corps Training Aids Section, and in 1954, he became staff cartoonist for Leatherneck, the Corps magazine. In 1957 Bess left the service, married and got a job as art director for a greeting card company in Cincinnati. At the same time, he contributed cartoons to various magazines around the country. In 1967 he created the newspaper comic 'Redeye', a rollicking humor strip about a screwball Indian tribe. The success of the strip allowed him to settle in Boise, Idaho, where he devoted his spare time to hunting, fishing and skiing. In 1988, when he was very ill, he handed over the strip to Bill Yates and Mel Casson.

Redeye (dutch version) by Gordon Bess

Last updated: 2006-12-23

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