Hacia Otros Mundos, by Oscar Camino

Oscar Camino Cordero was an old school Chilean comics artist, as well as a sports journalist. After a brief appearance in La Nación in 1927, he went to work as a journalist and illustrator for the sports section of Las Últimas Noticias in, an occupation he held for many years. He was a founding member of the Chilean Alience of Artists, founded on 1 October 1941, together with fellow artists like Pepo, Leo, Viscarra, Christie, Alhué, Huelén, Mundo and Chao.

During those years, he drew 'Viajes y Aventuras de Picoco', one of Chile's first adventure series, in the Los Héroes de la Imaginación section of Las Últimas Noticias. From 1949, Camino cooperated as one of the first Chilean artists with the magazine Okey, drawing the historical series 'El Navío Atómico'. For El Peneca, he drew the science fiction serial 'Hacia otros Mundos' in 1956 and 1957. Both these works were strongly inspired by the work of Alex Raymond.

Puerta al Pasado, by Oscar Camino

In 1961, he cooperated in the documentation and with comic strips on Chilean boxers in the book 'Historia del Deporte' by Hugo Sainz Torres. During the 1960s, Camino also began to work for Editorial Zig Zag. He contributed to comic books like Mondos Fabulosos and Sueños Maravillosos, illustrating stories in all sorts of genres, like war and science fiction. He was also present in Rocket and Robot, next to artists like Themo Lobos, Máximo Carvajal, Antonio Benedicto, Juan Araneda, Juan Francisco Jara, Caro, Lincoln Fuentes and Germán Gabler. Camino additionally illustrated comic adaptations of novels for Ases de la Novela, including 'Herne, el Cazador'. During his years at Zig Zag, he was also one of the main illustrators and announcements, etc.

In the late 1960s, he returned to his beloved sports by drawing for the sports magazine Gol y Gol. Oscar Camino has won several prizes for his work as a journalist, but also for his activities as a photographer and artist.

comic art by Oscar Camino

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