Panchito, by José Carrión

José Antonio Carrión began working through his own firm Ideografic Estudio in 1981. He has provided art to the Recreo Studios, that was producing Disney comics and illustrations for European publishers. Since the early 1990s, he has drawn 'Duck' stories for both the French and the Danish productions. For Holland, he has mainly illustrated stories with 'Panchito' and 'Jose Carioca'.

Through the Beamont studios, he has provided illustrations for the children's encylopedias published by Multilibro S.A., as well as several comic TV tie-in comic books for Ediciones B. ('Isodoro', 'Snorky', 'Campeones', 'Historia de Catalunya'). Since 1994, he has participated in animation projects of BRB Internacional S.A., such as 'Nicolas', 'El Nuevo Mundo de los Gnomos', 'Los Intocables de Elliot Mouse', 'Fantaghiro', 'Yolanda', 'Zipi y Zape', etc. In addition, he has done box designs for DVD and VHS collections for Vellavisión, as well as logo and mascot development.

Gyro Gearloose by Jose Carrion
Gyro Gearloose (D99269)

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