Nicoletta, by Clod

Claudio Onesti, who signs with Clod, got his art degree in 1968. He began his comics career after meeting Bonvi in 1970. He took over the series 'Capitan Posapiano e Ciurma' with scripts by Enzo Meschieri, published in Cucciolo. He created the series 'Gli Olimpiastri' in 1972.

Nick Carter by Clod
'Nick Carter'. 

This series appeared in Sorry, Stadio and Il Lavoro. Clod inked Bonvi's 'Nick Carter' in 1973, and a year later he continued this series on his own in Il Corriere dei Regazzi. From 1979, he cooperated on the French weekly Pif Gadget, where he continued the title series. He also began 'Agence Exsplorax' with scriptwriter Christian Goux in this magazine.

Nicoletta, by Clod (1986)
'Nicoletta', 1986. 

Clod was also present on the German market with 'Gangster Story' in Zack magazine in 1980. At the same time, he created the 'Nicoletta' series, scripted by Claudio Nizzi, in Il Giornalino. He intensified his production for Vaillant publishers (of Pif Gadget) in 1983, doing illustration work for their several magazines. From 1992, he cooperated with Bonvi again, this time on 'Sturmtruppen'. From 1998, Clod continued the series on his own after the premature death of its creator.

He should not be confused with French artist Claude Voirriot (°1970), who also uses the pseudonym Clod. 

Nicoletta, by Clod (1986)

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