Belvedere, by George Crenshaw

George Webster Crenshaw, who also used the pen names Nat, Nat Greenwood or George Crandall, is best known as the creator of the 'Belvedere' cartoon feature. He began his career as an animator for Walt Disney on ‘Pinocchio’ (1940), 'Fantasia' (1940) and 'Donald Duck' cartoons, and for MGM on Hanna-Barbera’s 'Tom and Jerry'. Crenshaw created his cartoon about the dog 'Belvedere' in 1962 and drew it for Johansen International Features until 1995. Other comics by Crenshaw are 'The Muffins' (1956), 'Nubbin' (1958-69), 'McGirk's Works' (1959), 'Simpkins' (1971) and 'Gumdrop' (1977-78).

Crenshaw's work has appeared in many major publications, such as the National Enquirer, New Yorker, Woman's World and Readers Digest. He has also worked for years as a ghost cartoonist on Hank Ketcham's 'Dennis the Menace' strip. Crenshaw was active for Dell Publishers in the 1950s and early 1960s as a writer for comics starring Walter Lantz' 'Woody Woodpecker', Tex Avery's 'Bugs Bunny' and Walt Disney's 'Mickey Mouse'.

chewing gum wrap featuring 'Belvedere'
chewing gum wrap featuring 'Belvedere'

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