Tito and His Burrito, by Jim Davis

Jim Davis (not to be confused with Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield) was an American animator with a long career. He started off at Walt Disney, worked for the Fleischer Studios ('Betty Boop', 'Popeye'), Warner Brothers, DePatie-Freleng  (where he loved animating Friz Freleng's 'The Pink Panther') and eventually worked for Ralph Bakshi on his debut film 'Fritz the Cat' (1972), based on Robert Crumb's comic. In the 1940s, when comics were booming, Jim Davis did some occasional comics for the B.W. Sangor Shop, which later became The American Comics Group. He worked on titles such as 'The Fox and the Crow', 'Flippity & Flop', 'Tito and His Burrito', 'Hound and the Hare' and 'Witch Hazel', which appeared in the series Ha Ha and Giggle Comics.

The Fox and the Crow, by Jim Davis

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