Cases of Sherlock Holmes, by Dan DayCases of Sherlock Holmes, by Dan Day

Dan Day is a Canadian artist who works mainly for the American market since the 1980s. He was the artist of a new line of 'Sherlock Holmes' comic adaptations, that started in the mid-1980s at Renegade Press and later Nortstar Publishing. Assisted by his brother David, Day used block of Conan Doyle's original text in his black-and-white comic series 'Cases of Sherlock Holmes'. His other credits include 'Black Zepplin', 'Captain America Annual', 'Day Brothers Presents', 'Dead World', 'Detective Comics', 'Doctor Strange', 'Elvira', 'Lost In Space', 'Man From UNCLE', 'Nightmare On Elm Street', 'Pinhead', 'Quasar', 'Raver', and 'Stark Future'. He is the brother of comic artists Gene and David Day.

Cases of Sherlock Holmes, by Dan Day

Sherlockian Comics of Dan Day

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