Belgman, by Hugo de Kempeneer

Hugo de Kempeneer was born in Vilvoorde, Belgium in 1938. He studied at the Sint-Lukas School of Arts in Brussels and at the Institute of Terkameren. He became a freelance artist, producing cartoons, paintings, animations, covers, illustrations, decors and even a musical. In 1959, his cartoons were collected in the book 'Agentleman'. He also illustrated the comic-like 'Het Kleine Vogeltje en het Grote Bruine Paard' (1975, written by E. van Zandweghe). Together with writer Hugo Claus, he created the comic 'Belgman' (1968). Hugo de Kempeneer also made newspaper strips, such as 'Eddy Sterk wint... de Olympische Spelen' (1972) and 'Reinaert de Vos' (1973, written by Pol Claes). Since then, he has devoted himself to film and animation. In 2000, he created the movie 'Morsdood'.

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