Goofy, by Hector Adolfo de Urtiága

The Argentine artist Hector Adolfo de Urtiága was a regular contributor to Rico Tipo. He made 'Envidiote', the sensual 'Marilyn Morron', the dog 'Latón' and 'Frescolín'. He anonymously also produced series like 'Incógnito' and 'Clavito'. In the 1960s, he worked on the erotic 'Sexilia' comic. He also drew a lot for the Chilean market, like the humorous series 'La Familia Clang' and 'Los Cucunautas' for the publishing house Zig Zag.

Los Cucunautas, by Hector Urtiaga

De Urtiaga has worked with the Jaime Diaz Studios since 1975. He has illustrated stories for the American Disney Studios, that produced comics for the foreign market. He was the initial penciller of the series of long 'Goofy' stories, in which 'Goofy' is portrayed as a historic figure. The first comic in this series appeared in 1976, and it was continued in the 1980s.

Goofy, by Hector Adolfo de Urtiága

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