Richard Bantam, by Henri Desclez
Richard Bantam

Henri Desclez is a Belgian comic author and painter, who resides in Québec. Born in Braine-le-Comte in the province of Hainaut, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. He created his first comic stories in cooperation with scenarist Michel Noirret, that were published in Pilote in 1967 and 1968. A year later, he joined Le Soir Jeunesse, where he served as an editor and made the 'Mycroft et Klaxon' series with André-Paul Duchâteau and later J. Daniël. He additionally drew 'Le Tailleur de Londres' and 'Les Mystères de Bruges' for this newspaper supplement under the pseudonym Hapic. Also with scripts by Duchâteau, Desclez drew 'Saint Fauston' for Tintin in 1969, and 'Richard Bantam' for Spirou in 1970. 'Richard Bantam' was later continued in Le Soir by Henri Decoster.

In 1972 he founded Studios Desclez, to produce seven comic adaptations of 'San-Antonio', based on the stories starring the police commisioner of the same name by Francis Dard. The first two books were drawn in cooperation with Franz and published by Fleuve Noir. That same year, Desclez became editor-in-chief of the Belgian edition of Pilote, where he opened the doors for many national artists. In 1975 and 1976, he succeeded Michel Greg as editor-in-chief of the Belgian version of Tintin, bringing with him most of his team from Samedi Jeunesse, including Cosey, Henri Decoster, Christian Denayer, Franz, Ferry and Jean Pleyers. During his tenure there, the magazine also ran his series 'Les Chroniques du Griffon Noir', 'Gaspard le Bâlois' and 'Mycroft et Klaxon'.

San Antonio by Henri Desclez
San Antonio

Desclez moved to Québec in 1976, where he began an association with Les Éditions Héritage. He created the comic 'Brisebois' and 'Pic et Nic' with Andrée Brault, followed by 'Diogène' and 'Monsieur Tranquille' (with scripts by Claude Leclerc), the latter based on a TV character by Roger Giguère. He started his own publishing label Productions PAF Loisirs in 1980, through which he published comics by Canadian artists as well as detective novels by André-Paul Duchâteau, as well as products with licensed characters like Hergé's 'Tintin', André Franquin's 'Gaston Lagaffe', Go Nagai’s 'Goldorak' and Peyo's 'The Smurfs'.

By 1980, he also edited the SF magazine L'An 2000 and the fantasy review Misty. He founded a new studios and produced the educational series 'Les Mics et les Miquettes' during the 1980s, but turned to painting later on. He founded Desclez Productions in 1991 and produced the TV series 'Iris, le gentil professeur' (1991-1992) and 'Petite Étoile' (1995-1997), before his company was bought by Malofilm. By 1999 he released another film production through Productions Mimosa, 'L'Île de la Tortue'.

Tintin cover by Henri DesclezTintin cover by Henri Desclez

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