Olle Kapoen by Phiny Dick
Olle Kapoen, from De Locomotief (Dutch Indies), 7 September 1948

Afine Kornélie Dik was a writer and illustrator of children's books, and the wife of Marten Toonder. She used the pen name Phiny Dick, adding an extra C to her lastname. She created her first strip, 'Doris en Daantje', in the weekly Extra Magazine in 1935. Between 1939 and 1949, she created about ten books, of which the trilogy about the cat 'Miezelientje' is the most famous. This character was the prototype of Toonder's 'Tom Poes', and her character 'Wol de Beer' can be considered an early version of 'Ollie B. Bommel'.

Doris en Daantje (Extra Magazine #4, 1935)
Doris en Daantje (Extra Magazine #4, 1935)

Her husband illustrated some of her books, and she wrote the first three episodes of his 'Tom Poes' strip. She became most famous for her comic strip about the gnome 'Olle Kapoen' and his friends Verk the piglet and Puck Toffel, which appeared in newspapers from 1945 until 1959. The comic was also published in Germany and Sweden, and among the artists working on it with her were Coen van Hunnik and Richard Klokkers. She additionally created the strip 'Birre Beer', which was taken over by Ton Beek. During the last years of her life, she devoted herself to painting portraits and landscapes.

cover of Olle Kapoen, by Phiny Dick circa 1949

Phiny Dik in De Nederlandse Stripgeschiedenis

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