Captain Triumph, by Ed Dobrotka (1945)

Ed Dobrotka was one of Joe Shuster's early assistants. In the studio, he worked on the 'Superman' series, inking the pencils of such artists as Shuster, John Sikela, Leo Nowak and Wayne Boring. Dobrotka did do some pencilling of his own, however he returned to inking exclusively in 1945. In the following years, he worked with Sikela on the 'Superboy' series until the 1950s. He has also work on the solo 'Lois Lane' series. Dobrotka also drew several 'Starman' stories in All Star Comics and some 'Captain Triumph' stories for Quality Comics. However his greatest achievement was the co-creation of the 'Toyman' with Don Cameron in Action Comics #64.

Lois Lane, by Ed Dobrotka

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