The Emperor's New Groove by Valentin Domenech
'The Emperor's New Groove'. 

Valentin Doménech Capdevila is a Spanish comic artist and animator. He is affiliated with Comicup in Barcelona, a studio that provides artwork for the European Disney publications. He started out drawing Disney comics in 1979, making 'Chip 'n' Dale', 'Hiawatha', 'Li'l Bad Wolf' and 'Scamp' stories for the Danish magazine Anders And & Co.. In the 1986-1987 period his name appeared in the colophon of the magazines Pulgarcito and Mortadelo by Bruguera/Ediciones B.

Chip n Dale by Valentin Domenech

By the mid-1990s, he was drawing several stories starring the little mermaid 'Ariel' and other movie related characters for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly. He was also one of the artists for the Dutch magazine Donald Duck Junior in 2008-2009. Between 2000 and 2007, Doménech has illustrated several 'Little Hiawatha' stories scripted by Michel Motti or Benoît Grenier for Le Journal de Mickey in France, and he has also produced a lot of artwork for Disney Princess titles. He was the artist of the comic book adaptation of 'The Emperor's New Groove' in 2001.

Little Mermaid by Valentin Domenech
De Kleine Zeemeermin - De Paarse Kwal

Doménech (his name is also written as Doménec) has been working in animation since 1966, starting with participating in the Andersen adaptation 'El mago de los sueños'. He has since worked on TV shows like 'Yogi's Space Race', 'The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show', 'Lucky Luke', 'Count Duckula', 'Benjamin Blümchen' and 'Victor and Hugo, Bunglers in Crime'. He has worked through Fernando Trueba PC, Estudio Mariscal, ACCIO and Firman Productions on projects like 'Astérix y los Vikingos' (2006), 'The 3 Wise Men' (2003) and 'Chico & Rita' (2010).

Hiawatha by Valentin Domenech
French Hiawatha story

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