Nicolas et Nicolette, by Michel Motti
'Nicolas et Nicolette', Dutch-language version. 

Parisian artist Michel Motti was a drawing teacher before he turned to creating comics in the early 1960s. Among his earliest works were 'Gil Gaboulet' and 'Le Petit Roi Ibello' for the Société Parisienne de l'Édition in 1960. The latter was continued in Spirou under the name 'Le Petit Roy Prosper' in short stories in 1965 and 1966, and a long serial in 1971. Also for Spirou, Motti created the serial 'Nicolas et Nicolette' in 1967 and two short stories of 'Mucheroum' with François Corteggiani in 1976.

He became a regular artist with Pif Gadget and its associated publications in 1969. After some initial illustrations, he joined the production team of the series 'Pif le Chien' in 1973. He was also responsible for the art of the comic book 'Pif contre Krapulax', written by François Corteggiani and published in 1981. Between 1989 and 1992 he succeeded Jacques Nicolaou on 'Placid et Muzo', another Arnal creation.

Le Petit Roy Prosper, by Michel Motti
'Le Petit Roi Prosper', Dutch-language version. 

Motti has worked extensively with Yannick Hodbert on several projects. They cooperated on 'Pif' stories, and created the album 'Le Mauvais Génie' for Éditions du Kangourou in 1976, the advertising comic 'Échec à Follebul' for Malabar chewing-gum between 1983 and 1986 (about 50 pantomime comic strips that came with the gum), as well as the serial 'La morgueluse' for Pif Gadget in 1988.

Motti became a contributor to the French Disney production in 1978, writing scripts for stories with 'Donald Duck', 'Mickey Mouse', 'Supergoof' ('Super Dingo') and other characters, regularly drawn by Claude Marin and mostly published in Le Journal de Mickey. In addition, Motti wrote 'Réhac' for Henri Dufranne in Tintin in 1985. He made a comic adaptation of 'Taram et le Chaudron Magique' for Hachette in 1985, and was present in Winnie monthly with features like 'Winnie' and 'Tic et Tac' from 1990. Michel Motti passed away in 2009 at the age of 74.

comic art by Michel Motti

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