Blackface Banjo by Frantz Duchazeau
Blackface Banjo

Frantz Duchazeau was born in Angoulême and settled in Paris in 1993. He began his career in the early 1990s working for the French Disney magazine Le Journal de Mickey. He also contributed numerous short stories and the series 'Une Vie de Chiens' (with scripts by Christian Godard) to Spirou. He drew several comics and illustrations for the advertising and commercial purposes, mostly in cooperation with Gilles Corre.

Vie de Chiens, by Frantz Duchazeau
Une Vie de Chiens (Spirou)

In 2002, he created the series 'Igor et les Monstres' with scriptwriter Pierre Veys at Dargaud. He teamed up with Fabien Vehlmann in the following year to create two volumes of 'La Nuit de l'Inca' (2004) and 'Les Cinq Coneurs de Bagdad' (2006). Duchazeau and Vehlmann also cooperated on several tales from Africa, that were collected by Milan in the album 'Dieu qui pue Dieu qui pête'.

Igor et les Monstres, by Frantz Duchazeau
Igor et les Monstres

With writer Gwen de Bonneval, he began the series 'Gilgamesh' for Dargaud in 2004. Duchazeau additionally took on scriptwriting and has produced a series of black-and-white historical graphic novels since. The first was 'Les Vaincus', another story about the Incas and the Spanish invasion, for Dargaud (2007). He has been inspired by the music and foklore of the southern states of the USA for his subsequent works.

Melies by Frantz Duchazeau
Le Diable amoureux et autres films jamais tournés par Méliès

These include 'Le Rêve de Meteor Slim' (Scarbacane, 2008), a story set in 1935 Mississippi, 'Les Jumeaux de Conoco Station' (Scarbacane, 2009), 'Lomax' (Dargaud, 2011) and 'Blackface Banjo' (Sarbacane, 2013), his graphic novel about the so-called Minstrel Shows. He worked with Vehlmann again for 'Le Diable amoureux et autres films jamais tournés par Méliès' (Dargaud, 2010), a graphic novel about the film pioneer Georges Méliès.

La Nuit de l'Inca, by Frantz Duchazeau
La Nuit de l'Inca

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