Modeste et Pompon, by Bertrand Dupont

Bertrand Dupont became the artist of new 'Modeste et Pompon' gags in Tintin in 1976. The series was created by André Franquin in the 1950s, and was subsequently drawn by artists like Attanasio, Mittéï and Griffo. Most of Dupont's gags were written by Bob de Groot, but several episodes were also written by Dupont himself, or Vicq. He was succeeded by Walli in 1980, but he has continued to draw an occasional gag until 1985. Dupont's run on the strip was not collected in book format until 2015. Dupont has also cooperated with Walli and De Groot on the series 'Touky le Toucan' in 1978, and with De Groot on a promotional comic book for Walibi in 2005.

Walibi by Bertrand Dupont
Walibi, les meilleurs amis du monde / Walibi - een wereld vol vriendjes

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