'Les Elfes de Moulinsart'.

The Paris-based Canadian artist Harry Edwood is one of the most notable pastiche artists of Hergé's legendary 'Tintin' stories. Even though he is no professional, he manages to provide a near-perfect copy of the master's Clear Line drawing style. While other artists in the genre make up new bootleg stories (Yves Rodier, Exem), parodies of classic covers (Joost Veerkamp) or porn parodies (Filip Denis), Edwood is best known for creating cover illustrations for albums which never were, but could have been.

The non-existant Edwood albums carry such intriguing titles as 'The Rock of Kangaroos' ('Le Rocher des Kangourous'), 'The O-Light Project' ('Le Projet O'light'), 'Stopover in Biarritz' ('Escale à Biarritz'), 'The Petrified Heroes' ('Les Héros Pétrifiés'), 'Lampion in Luxembourg' ('Lampion au Luxembourg') and 'The Shipwreck of the Unicorn' ('Le Naufrage de la Licorne'). They have been popping up online since the early 2000s, and a limited large format with nine of his illustrations was published under the title 'Les Neufs Rêves' (2007). Edwood is well aware that Hergé has forbidden the continuation of 'Tintin' after his death, so he calls his tributes "dreams".

With authorization from Moulinsart, who run the Hergé estate, Edwood has released more limited print editions through Éditions Woodman, such as 'Lignes Intérieures' (2008), 'Autres Rêves' (2012) and 'Lef Neuf Rêves' (2012). The booklets contain cover illustrations, sketches and short outlines of the presented "stories". Edwood also began to elaborate on the script of 'The Rock of Kangaroos', which takes the hero to Australia. He later also created some pages for 'The O-Light Project', which he renamed to 'The Voice Of The Lagoon'. In 2009 he published a magical short story set in the castle of Moulinsart, called 'Les Elfes de Moulinsart'. A true Edwood dream, as it deviated a lot from Herge's traditional realism.

Harry Edwood is furthermore the author of 'Anatomy of a Cartoon', an in-depth study of the 1969 animated film based on 'Prisoners of the Sun', which he published in two installments in 2011.

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